How to Order Coffins and Ashes Caskets

We are happy to accept either an order direct from the family of the deceased or through an undertaker. Our price does not vary, but of course an undertaker may put a small handling charge onto our price. We are not VAT registered so there is nothing else to add to the prices we quote but again an undertaker may be VAT registered and need to add it to their costs.

We need to know the height and width across the shoulders of the person who the coffin is for. We tend to work in feet and inches but can cope with metric units as well. The undertaker will generally do this for you.

We then need to know if the coffin is to be a traditional coffin shape or a box (or casket) shape.

We like to know the name of the person the coffin is for and a little bit about them.

The above is enough for us to start building the coffin. We will also ask you about finishing details, such as name plates; liners etc..

We ask that you confirm in writing (preferably by email) all measurements; names; inscriptions; delivery address and when the coffin or ashes casket is needed by. We will confirm exact costs. Payment is due before we dispatch the item.