Burial Coffins

Our burial coffins are strongly made from sustainably grown larch timber with a stout oak framework to ensure that the coffins maintain their integrity during the grave backfilling process. Handles are made from natural fibre ropes, generally either sisal or hemp. The handles are fully load bearing.

We offer two styles of burial coffin. Either a traditional lozenge shaped or a rectangular (sometimes referred to as a casket) style. Within these two styles we offer two types of finish: either our standard finish (with bark edging to the lid and oak buttons on the outside of the framework) or in a simple unadorned finish.

Standard finish, traditional, coffin

Standard finish, traditional, coffin

Plain and simple burial coffin.

Unadorned coffin, with plain edge to lid
and no buttons over dowels.

Maximise the benefit you get from your bespoke coffin – it is possible to commission one in advance of one’s demise and to use it as a bookcase, duvet store or wine rack or anything else that you can think off. Saving your loved ones the expense and problems of finding a suitable coffin at short notice. They should be kept in a dry place, away from extremes of temperature. Crossing the World – a reflection on your own coffin.

Casket style coffin

Same coffin with recycled
wood shelves

Quality control!