All nameplates engraved on larch, different fonts available.

One style of nameplate

Commemorative Plaques – Nameplates can either be done freehand in pyrography or laser engraved for a more formal appearance. The plates are available either in larch to match the coffin, or in white wood which gives a contrast. We can inscribe a special message on your coffin to make it truly personal.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely coffin! It is such a weight off my mind to think that it is tucked away safe and ready for that inevitable day. Everything that you have done has been wonderful – the care you have taken in constructing it and “holding my hand” to get it just right and the inscription, so nicely executed!

M, a client.

Linings – See the image below for an example of a coffin supplied with jute lining.

Customised Coffins – If you have an unusual idea for a coffin please do let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Caskets for Ashes – We also make eco-caskets for cremated ashes, in a variety of woods.

Coffin with name plate on lid and at foot end.

Nameplate for much loved assistance dog.

Commemorative Plate

Special message inscribed on underside of lid

Inscription for man with a sense of humour

Coffin with jute liner

Traditional coffin with sheep’s fleece lining from our own local sheep. Different colours may be available.

Traditional coffin with sheep’s fleece lining from our local sheep.

Coffin decorated with birds for a keen  ornithologist.

Coffin decorated with birds for a keen ornithologist.

Coffin decorated with birds for a keen ornithologist.

Coffin decorated with birds for a keen

Fake window put on lid and prop put under
coffin, as the gentleman wanted to ‘see who
came to his funeral’!
Pyrographic picture of Jesus.

Two caskets, one in lighter pine and the other
in darker cedar.